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  • Constant V (Venster/Vitrine)

    Ami Bruxellois, ne loupe pas l’occasion ce vendredi jeudi (18/06/2015) d’aller voir la vitrine de Constant. Tu y seras bien reçu et tu pourras même y boire un verre. De plus, c’est juste à côté du Verschueren, si jamais ta soif était trop grande. Je t’invite à y aller, pour découvrir Constant et pour y […]

  • Libre Objet : Digital creation and fabrication workshop

    Next weekend, 27 & 28 September 2014, together with the Libre Objet collective, we will be hosting a digital creation and fabrication workshop in the makerspace called Microfactory in Brussels, Belgium. This event is part of the Design September festival and has been selected as one of the best activites to attend by the magazine […]

  • Blender-Brussels november report

    We’ve passed more than a year since the first free *cough* monthly *cough* Blender workshop organized by François Zajega and I. And since I put myself into taking notes during the the last one, here’s a quick report of what was discussed and achieved. Morning time is for coffee and “show and tell”. Since François […]

  • Workshop #LibreObjet @ RealizeBXL

    This weekend (21/09 > 22/09/2013), for Brussels Design September, Mathieu Gabiot, Martin Lévêque, Raphaël Bastide and myself are organising a 2 days workshop to teach designers about free licences applied to product design. We will introduce our 16 participants to the licenses available and will experience them by modifying and building a libre piece of […]

  • #CLIfe : Command-Line Interface for everything

    _ _ _____ _ _____ __ _| || |_ / ____|| | |_ _| / _| |_ __ _|| | | | | | | |_ ___ _| || |_ | | | | | | | _|/ _ \ |_ __ _|| |____ | |____ _| |_ | | | __/ |_||_| \_____||______||_____||_| \___| […]

  • Blender bpy/bge Brussels Workshop 2013-03-29: zoom

    Last friday was our monthly Blender workshop and the day before, my attention was attracted by this post on Reddit. Rorts was mentioning this intriguing video “Zooms From Nowhere” by Chris Timms and was wondering how to do something like that in Blender. I thought this might be a good challenge for the Blender bpy/bge […]

  • Blender Brussels Workshop – 21/12/2012

    So we had our second Blender Brussels workshop today. The first one happened about a month ago. This time, we spent the day at Constant Variable and talked about the basics of python and its use within Blender. We worked on scripts to generate random meshes and then manipulate them in the game engine. Here’s […]