About this weblog

This is the personal weblog of Julien Deswaef (aka. @xuv).

It started in June 2010, on now defunct Posterous, with the need to feed different social media platforms with curated links, mostly for friends. Since Julien didn’t want to spend time to share the same webthings over and over again, the approach « Post once, share everywhere », promoted by Posterous, seemed like the perfect solution. But like so many nice webthings, Posterous was bought, and then they were shut down (EEE).

The long history of clever online services sold and destroyed made Julien self-hosts more and more his tools of choice whenever possible. And that’s the main reason, he customized a WordPress installation to function like a Posterous-clone. He called this project, PosterPress. « It doesn’t have all the features, but it does the job », he says. And put it behind a personal web address p.xuv.be.

Since then, the content of his weblog evolved, multiple times. From just a paste-here-push-everywhere type of approach, it became a space where Julien writes more about his own work and research practice, with periods of complete silence, but never full disappearance.

« J’écris aussi en français, en fonction du sujet, de mon humeur ou des lecteurices auxquel·le·s je m’adresse», dit-il.

If you want to know more about Julien’s work, see his webportfolio at xuv.be. He also keeps a public list of bookmarks at b.xuv.be.

Or chat with him on Mastodon.

Contact Julien

You can also reach him by email at julien [~at~] xuv.be

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  • Signed and encrypted messages are highly appreciated.