Libre Objet : Digital creation and fabrication workshop


Next weekend, 27 & 28 September 2014, together with the Libre Objet collective, we will be hosting a digital creation and fabrication workshop in the makerspace called Microfactory in Brussels, Belgium.

This event is part of the Design September festival and has been selected as one of the best activites to attend by the magazine Vif/Weekend.

The purpose of this workshop is to experience designing products using only free and open source software and then make them using the tools offered by the Microfactory (3D printers, laser cutter, CNC machines,…).

We plan to introduce 4 different softwares, corresponding to different needs:

We will also be introducing the concepts of open source product design and free licensing.

The number of participants is limited, but we still have a couple of seats left. So if you’re interested, don’t wait and send an email to hello [at] libreobjet [dot] org to book a seat.

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Julien Deswaef

Born in Brussels, Julien Deswaef is a software artist, experience designer and interface developer based in Barcelona. Active both in visual arts as well as in free / libre and open source culture, he has the ability to transform ideas into digital realities. He regularly collaborates with artists in the world of entertainment, music and fine arts. His art practice usually questions copyright, authorship and the impact of technology on our society through generative graphics and social media bots. Deswaef’s work has been visible in multiple art and music festivals across Europe such as Pukkelpop in Belgium, Les hivernales in Switzerland, Les Nuits Blanches in France or Kurzfilmfestival Koeln in Germany. Some of his artworks have been featured in collective exhibitions with institutions including Somerset House, LEAP, ESC Medien Kunst Labor, iMAL, Le Manège, Le Vecteur ou Les Brasseurs.