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  • 2023 resolutions

    I thought I’d share with you some objectives I have for this year. So maybe I can also reference this post during the year and keep you updated about how things go. Here are 5 things I’ve promised myself to do by the end of 2023.

  • Sousveillance time with PineTime

    After spending a few months with a Pinetime around my wrist, I thought I’d share some impressions about this open source smartwatch, with integrated step counter and heart rate sensor.

  • Fronting social surveillance

    A new breed of open source web applications are popping up and gaining momentum among privacy concerned citizens. They’re called Invidious, Nitter, Bibliogram, Teddit or Scribe. Their main purpose is to propose alternative interfaces to “corporate social media”.

  • DeltaChat : la messagerie instantanée pour tou·te·s

    Depuis la débâcle de Whatsapp, suite à leur changement de conditions d’utilisation, et le ras-le-bol général de se faire détrousser les données par des vendeurs de temps de cerveau disponible, beaucoup de personnes se demandent vers quelle application de messagerie se tourner. Au royaume des alternatives les moins connues, DeltaChat pourrait bien être la plus […]

  • #tinyCode

    I’ve just submitted a short (255 characters) piece of code to be displayed on the media facade of the Medialab Prado in Madrid. The code is available on p5js online editor: and you will be able to see it running from there by pressing the pink play button. If you’d like to participate, the […]

  • Portraits of the Next Iterations

    The Next Iterations is over and deployed as an intense couple days of presentations and workshops, all confined behind our screens. This on-camera setting is a blessing for free portrait drawing.

  • Next Iterations

    Join me online this Sunday May 17, 2020 to participate in the Next Iterations. Iterations consists of a series of artist residencies, exhibitions, reflection meetings and exchanges that take place between 2017 and 2020. Artists and cultural practitioners are welcomed in situations to experiment with and reflect on what the future of collectivity, sharing and […]

  • Zoom drawings

    At the multinational corp, I don’t always get to join meetings where I need to be active. Sometimes, I might just be there in case there is a question for me. So when those meetings are remote, I found a new way to beat the feeling of wasting my time. I draw portraits of my […]

  • How to transition from Twitter to Mastodon

    In Mastodon lingo, here’s how to leave the birdsite for the fluffy animals federation, without hurting your social karma, while leaving the nazis behind. If you don’t know the Mastodon, there are articles that will explain you in details what it is about and why it’s better than Twitter or where it comes from and […]

  • A patch for the Github centralization dilemma

    Github, with its 75,000,000 repositories, has become a central place for open source development and is well-known for having popularized Git among programmers and other code hungry fellas. The irony is not lost on anyone that we are again relying on a centralized service for our decentralized Git workflow. And as with any centralization comes […]