2023 resolutions

I thought I’d share with you some objectives I have for this year. So maybe I can also reference this post during the year and keep you updated about how things go. Here are 5 things I’ve promised myself to do by the end of 2023.

  1. Contribute to Open Street Map more consistently.
    I’m a big fan of this community projet. I find it easier to contribute to it than to Wikipedia for example. And I think a lot of people benefit from it. Since a few years, I’ve been regularly using StreetComplete to help improve Open Street Map. I have now reached 2100 stars (you get a star when you complete a task). I’m hoping to complete 1000 more this year. It’s maybe a bit ambitious, but we’ll see. I also want to completely map my neighborhood, make sure all the notable points in a ~150m radius around my home are recorded and updated.
  2. Blog more consistently.
    I published 2 blog posts in 2022 (3, if you count this one on Martin Fowler’s blog). And started a few unpublished drafts. I think I can publish 6 posts this year. Could maybe push to 12. Once a month does not seem that hard. But I want to keep it fun and only publish when I think it’s worth it. So I’ll stay with a goal of 6 good posts and see where it leads.
  3. Read a book a month.
    I had set myself that goal last year. I think I managed to keep it up and track it until April. Not sure I ended the year with 12 reads. Probably a bit less. So to help me here, I set up an account on Bookwyrm.social, a federated social reading and reviewing website. If you want to see what I’m reading or how I’m keeping true to this promise, follow me there with your RSS reader or from any place on the Fediverse.
  4. Reduce time spent on mobile phones.
    I’m absolutely addicted to these small devices. I open it too many times and check news feed and social feeds way more then I would really like to. I think I would gain a lot by opening it less. So I’ve re-added an app to track my usage and help me limit the time I spend on certain applications. I’d like to end the year with a substantial reduction of time spent on those devices.
  5. Bake more.
    At the end of 2021, I discovered the joy of making sourdough bread. And I’ve been baking a bread every week since. I’ve tried a few recipes at the beginning. But mostly have kept and refined one over last year. I want to use 2023 to discover some new recipes and refine them.

Do you also set yourself some goals for the year? Do you share them publicly anywhere? Do you want to join me in some of those? Leave a message in the comments or ping me on Mastodon.







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  1. m Avatar

    So far I can confirm you are keeping up with 1, 3 and 5, let’s see if you start targeting number 4 ;)