#CLIfe : Command-Line Interface for everything

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 _| || |_  / ____|| |     |_   _| / _|     
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  |_||_|   \_____||______||_____||_|  \___|

Command-Line Interface for everything

What? Command-Line? Yes. Exactly. That thing with the computer where you see characters flying by just like when Neo found out about the Matrix. It seems cryptic and magic, doesn’t it? People doing this can only do illegal things for sure. Not.

The console, where all those commands happened to be typed, has been around since computers have monitors. And they still exist in modern computing. They come really handy for a lot of things and especially when the graphical interface is going bad or not even there at all.

#CLIfe is a workshop organized by Michael Murtaugh and I to teach you the basis of command-line manipulation, show you how useful (lifesaving?) this can be and have some fun with it. For the more advanced users, the workshop is oriented to CLI experimentations and knowledge sharing. Isn’t CLI a lifestyle afterall?

When? Where?

Saturday, 19 October 2013
Begin(14:00) -> End(18:00)
80, rue Gallait

BYOD = Bring Your Own Device.
All Operating Systems welcome.

(Yes, that means you too, Billies and Appelsientjes).

Need some motivations to come?

You want to resize 1000 jpegs and watermark them in one go.
You want to stop worrying every time your software publisher changes (the order of) the icons.
You think "sudo" is a martial art.
You want to post to Facebook/Twitter/Identica/Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogger without a browser.
You want to know your network settings without making 5 clicks.
You think that plumbing is a computer skill.
Christian Clavier is your DJ name.
You're ready to take the red pill.
You are a poet.

Don’t bring your mouse.






8 responses to “#CLIfe : Command-Line Interface for everything”

  1. Colm Avatar

    Sounds great!
    How does one subscribe?
    Will this message suffice?

    Looking forwards to it!



    1. Juego Avatar

      Yup. This message will suffice. :) Glad to have you on board.

  2. Thomas Avatar

    echo ‘some awe’ | sed ‘s/\(some\) *\(awe\)/\2\1/g’

    1. Juego Avatar

      @Thomas: Throws an error but I get the point. Thx. :)

      1. Juego Avatar

        The error came from the quotation mark used for sed. Here it is corrected :)

        echo ‘some awe’ | sed ‘s/\(some\) *\(awe\)/\2\1/g’

        1. Juego Avatar

          Ho I get it. It’s this “smart ass” wordpress who changes the character for a single quote to a different one. Even my “corrected” version is also wrong. If you copy paste it, change the single quote to the ones you know are working. Duh.

  3. ScriptKiddie Avatar

    I take a place :)
    there is a better OS ?

    1. Juego Avatar

      Good. Welcome. We favor any flavor of GNU/Linux, of course.