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  • To live in residual spaces

    Fernando Abellanas designed and built a hidden studio, under a bridge in Valencia, Spain. Refugiarse de la ciudad en la propia ciudad. from JoseMP on Vimeo.

  • Github, why u no show more media files?

    Maybe you’ve noticed, it’s impossible to search for media files on Github. Searching Github is for code only. You might find references to media files in code, but no more. This is pretty annoying although understandable for two reasons: Github targets developers and, as such, focuses on tools that are relevant to them. The open…

  • Collaborative tools for designers − part 5 : Adobe Creative Cloud

    Episode 5 already. Damn, so many collaborative tools for designers. Yes. And this post is about the one everybody talks about, but what they are actually referring to is something else: Adobe Creative Cloud. Let me rephrase that. When you tell people you are trying out Adobe’s cloud, they think you are using Photoshop or…

  • Collaborative tools for designers: part 4

    TL;DR: Tools I will not review and why. Three weeks ago, I started a series of publications regarding tools that encourage collaborative practices for designers and that use some form of versioning at their core. You can read the previous chapters and especially the first one to understand what I’m looking for (links to part…

  • Collaborative tools for designers – Part 3 : Pixelapse

    Reviewing tools for collaborative practices and version control for designers, this is episode III. And to my surprise, I’ve discovered Pixelapse, an online tool that promises to do just that. It’s been a while since I had found about Pixelapse, but never took the chance to study it deeper until last week. Mainly because they…

  • Collaborative tools for designers – Part 2 : Dropbox

    Last week, I promised I would be exploring some of the tools promoted as helping designers in their revision control and collaborative process and that I would do this by comparing them to a list of benefits I extracted from my use of Git. So in this post, I’ll be reviewing the (in-?) famous Dropbox.…

  • Collaborative tools for designers – Part 1

    Since I’ve discovered and used distributed revision control in my day to day practice, I’ve been amazed by how much it has helped me getting more organized, stop worrying about loosing files and also encouraged me to experiment more and thus try more options in my work. And I’m not even talking about how it…

  • Atelier de construction de mobilier en palette

    Ce samedi 15 novembre, de midi à 16h, venez participer à un atelier ouvert de construction de mobilier pour la cour intérieure de la Bibliothèque francophone d’Ixelles, rue Mercelis. Suite à un appel de la Commune d’Ixelles, Maria Solé Bravo et moi-même avons créé un ensemble de mobiliers modulaires construits à partir de matériaux recyclés…

  • Interactivos?’13

    Just to let you know that my proposition “Design with Git” has been selected for Interactivos?’13 Tools for a Read-Write World. I will certainly post more info about this project in the future weeks. As for now, if you want to know what is Interactivos? Check the video below.

  • “I regret the things I didn’t do more than those I did, however terrible the results” Karel Martens

    ᔥ laughingsquid.

  • Collier de cheveux, par Kerry Howley

    Et d’autres par Kerry Howley via Make.

  • Pas A Pas − a design project for education (via @chrisoshea)

    “Pas A Pas is an interactive educational tool for schools that enables children to learn and experiment with different sets of elements using animation. (…) [It] has been conceived and developed by Ishac Bertran as a final project at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.” via pasapas-project.com