Libre Graphics Meeting 2013: Day 1

#LGM13 Day 1

Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 opens at Medialab Prado, Madrid.

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During 4 days, starting this 10 April 2013, the Libre Graphics Meeting will gather around 300 people to speak, share, work and exchange ideas around free culture and the (future) tools that make it happend. As a participant, speaker and open source furniture creator, here’s a personal point of view of the event.
@melindasipos: Opening talk by Femke Snelting, Laura Fernandez and @marcosgcm #lgm13Melinda Sipos
Great introduction talk by Femke, Laura and Marcos with a room packed with people. It’s at this point of time that I realize how much work these three persons and their teams have put to make something like this happend. And suddenly, the open source hardware furniture in the cafeteria makes so much sense.
#lgm13 Libre Graphic Meeting starts during @medialabprado opening at madrid merino
Femke, @marcosgcm y Laura presentando el evento. #LGM13ía G. Perulero
The first talk is about the media facade of the Medialab Prado and the web app that has been put together by to push interactive animations on it. The application uses Processingjs for the creative coding side and encourage designers from all over the world to submit their work to be displayed during the 4 days. Of course, this will raise the question of what is allowed to be displayed on a public building at a size of 15m wide.
Sergio Galán presenta #programalaplaza: cómo programar la fachada de @medialabprado de forma disribuida. #LGM13ía G. Perulero
#lgm13 ohhhhhhhhhhhlarural
Another talk that I found inspiring is about Pycessing, by Brendan Howell. Pycessing is a very young Processing-like IDE written in Python. It’s been used by only a few people and Brendan uses it to teach coding but it’s spreading the love for Python in a Processing way. Which is just cool. Brendan has got me tempted.
#Pycessing in #lgm13larural
I was also impressed by the last talk of the day about Fontforge and the dedication, improvement and energy Ben Martin puts into it. Definitly a project to watch closely in the next months. And obviously, I was not the only one impressed by it.
Fontforge collaborative (DOOM) mode sounds amazing! by @davelab6 #LGM13Raphaël Bastide
Tomorow, presentations start at 10am CEST so I better go to sleep.
You can follow the @medialabprado talks here #lgm13Daniel Lombraña Glez
La pantalla de Led de @medialabprado Di Siena


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