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  • RaspiVj (alpha release)

    Yesterday, I’ve pushed online the code for what I call the RaspiVJ, a minimal VJ application for the Raspberry Pi. The idea was to build a portable and lightweight VJ set up that could be versatile enough to adapt to multiple situtations and configurations. So the Raspberry Pi, as a small and cheap computer, seemed…

  • Old Joy + Requiem4Tv (video report) 2013-03-23

    Last saturday, we were at Sign6 playing and veejaying (live coding) in front of a small audience. Here’s a small video report kindly recorded by Fred Monnoye with his iPhone. So quality is not right there, but you can have a feel of what it was like. This was a first for Sébastien (Old Joy)…

  • OLD JOY + Requiem4Tv @ Sign6

    Ce samedi 23 mars 2013, dans le cadre de Bruxelles Bienvenue, je ferai du “live coding” de visuels sur la musique live de OLD JOY. Une première rencontre et expérience entre Sébastion et moi-même. 22H, Entrée gratuite, BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). Sign 6 − 99, Rue de Fierlant − 1190 Forest.

  • Concert “Mama Africa” @ Espace Magh, Brussels

    Ce samedi, à l’Espace Magh, avait lieu un concert en hommage à Miriam Makeba. Invité par Nicole Bongo-Letuppe et accompagné aux manettes par Noémie Goldberg, nous avons habillé la scène et les musiciens de projections vidéos composées en direct. Voici quelques photos d’ambiance de la soirée (photos et composition par le fils de Nicole).

  • Nuit Blanche #Brussels – #Metahub – 06/10

    Book it already. October 6th 2012. Big VJ jam at the heart of Brussels. The White Night program is out. Nuit Blanche Brussels – Metahub.

  • What’s going on at the #metahub workshop in #brussels?

    Spending a week with the Metahub crew in Brussels preparing processes and tools for the White Night 2012. I’ve been working on fetching content (images mostly) from social networks to feed the loops of the VJs that will be present at that event. Right now, I have two scripts running. One using the Teleportd (awesome)…

  • “Rouge!” – Spectacle de conte augmenté

    Un spectacle de conte jouant des mots et des images avec, au dessin animé en direct, Jérôme Clerfayt (G_rom, de Requiem4tv pour les intimes) ROUGE!.

  • YooouuuTuuube

    YooouuuTuuube. A nice webapp using any video from Youtube or Vimeo. They even have a bookmarklet to make it even easier. I like. http://yooouuutuuube.com

  • A set of photos taken @ festival Les Hivernales, Nyon (CH)

    via flickr.com