What’s going on at the #metahub workshop in #brussels?

Spending a week with the Metahub crew in Brussels preparing processes and tools for the White Night 2012.

I’ve been working on fetching content (images mostly) from social networks to feed the loops of the VJs that will be present at that event.

Right now, I have two scripts running. One using the Teleportd (awesome) API that fetches content on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and alikes (see what comes out of it in the slideshow below). And another script that uses Facebook Graph API to get pictures posted (or tagged) to the Facebook Metahub page.

There will also be a Piratebox running on a local network for those who directly want upload content on the local Metahub server.

We are opening our working space tonight for a “private showcase”. Welcome to anyone if you can find us. ;) (Tweet me or drop a comment to get in touch) Or see you on the 6th of October in the center of Brussels.