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  • Mechanical 3D Printer

    Using gravity and mechanisms inspired by the mechanical clocks, Daniel de Bruin created this analog 3D printer. ↬ @raphaelbastide

  • 43 covers 50 cents

    Machine learning voice synthesis does wonders these days. ↬ waxy.org

  • Cats Dominoes

    Explosive combination of cats playing with dominoes in a wonderful Rube Goldberg inspired contraption. ~Luc (video source)

  • Funk N’ Roses – Sweet Cover o’ Mine

    (video source)

  • History of the Alphabet

    Where does our Latin alphabet comes from? Why are letters in that order? Why do they have these shapes? The symbol for the ox gave the A. The symbol for the house, gave the B. … Fascinating story told by Matt Baker.

  • I haven’t posted in a long time

  • Interférences (String Network) | Alexis Langevin-Tétrault

    Had the chance to see last night the performance of Alexis Langevin-Tétrault at “Visions of the Future III” and was blown away by the playfulness and dynamic aspect of it. It’s a perfect combination of powerful sound, subtle lighting and choreography working very well together. If you get the chance. Don’t miss it. On stage, […]

  • Highlights of the Blender Conference 2016

    Here are three video recordings of presentations done at the latest Blender Conference that I think are worth watching. I’ve never had the chance to attend the Blender Conference, but they have always provided live streaming and published recordings afterwards. The diversity and quality of the presentations invite me every time to go through it. […]

  • Git versioning and diff visualizing tools for designers

    Here is the video of my presentation at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2016, in London. For the most part, I expose my quest for a Git based visualizing tool that could help designers integrate a version control workflow. The slides are viewable from here. You can also download them from this Gitlab repo. If you […]

  • Les leçons de cinéma de Tony Zhou

    Puisqu’on est bien dans une civilisation de l’image et que ça n’a pas l’air de vouloir s’arranger, il est peut-être important de savoir “lire” une image et, peut-être encore plus, de savoir “lire” une image qui bouge. Que ce soit pour les amateurs de cinéma, de vidéo youtube ou d’anime, pour ceux qui veulent en […]