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  • lvMchn_560.gif

    Just submitted this gif to the Transnumériques – Videoformes 2015 award. This gif is a compilation of screenshots done by the [loveMachine] over the course of 6 months. All selected pictures contain Facebook error messages. The [loveMachine] does screen captures every time it runs. Because the script works as a screenless process, this visual feedback […]

  • La poutre de ton Facebook

    Depuis le début du projet [loveMachine], je reçois régulièrement en guise de clin d’œil des captures d’écran ou des avertissements de mes amis me renseignant le comique, l’incongru ou le glauque des articles que je “like” sur Facebook. La [loveMachine] est un script qui se connecte sur mon profil à intervalle régulier et “like” automatiquement […]

  • Photos that I like

    Facebook has a default search proposition called “Photos that I like“. Since the [loveMachine] is doing its share of likes every day, I wanted to have a look. And for the most part, I have no idea what it is going on.

  • If you don’t share any love, you don’t get any friends

    Or why a sudden decrease of daily friend requests got me thinking that the [loveMachine] wasn’t running anymore. I’ve been running a script for about 8 months now that logs into my Facebook account and automatically likes everything it sees in my home timeline. This activity generates a lot of clicks on my behalf, around […]

  • Gay men, Facebook and Pakistan

    Exactly 7 months after starting the full time [loveMachine] project, here are some numbers and speculations around this experiment. As you know, the [loveMachine] is a bot that logs into my Facebook account to click on every possible like button it can find (although it doesn’t click on ads, neither becomes fan of new pages […]

  • [loveMachine] reached level 2

    More than a month already has passed since I’ve planned to write this post. I thought about naming it “[loveMachine] frustration level 2” or “[loveMachine] turns into a hate machine” as suggested by some users. But its a totally different post that I’m glad to write today. Since the beginning of June, Facebook has been […]

  • Liking comments is just spitting in the wind

    I’ve been struggling with the [loveMachine] during the past weeks. First, the main disk on my home server, from where the script is running, crashed beautifully. Second, Facebook has somewhat changed the rules lately about how much likes I can do in a certain period of time (will write more on that later). During one […]

  • A facebook warning animation

    Everytime the [loveMachine] runs over my profile, it takes a screenshot of the page when it’s done. At first, it was a way for me to see if it was really doing its job and to catch the Facebook warning messages that might have appeared during the process. But since a couple months now, I’ve […]

  • Presentation de la [loveMachine] @RecyclartBXL

    Ce jeudi 17 avril 2014, courte présentation de la [loveMachine] lors d’une soirée #LOOP organisée chez Recyclart. Les #LOOP, c’est une série de présentations ultracourtes sur des projets expérimentaux développés dans l’atelier ‘Variable‘ à Schaerbeek. Variable est un atelier collectif à Schaerbeek qui héberge Open Source Publishing, Open Hardware Lab, Libre Video Lab et Open […]

  • Finally Facebook implements the “dislike”… but it’s complicated

    Since all my likes are handled by the [loveMachine], I found myself looking for other things to do on Facebook. That’s when I stumbled on the (hidden) “dislike” function. Since it’s a long awaited feature, I must warn you that it’s not as easy as the “like”. It requires at least 3 clicks, works only […]