Finally Facebook implements the “dislike”… but it’s complicated

Since all my likes are handled by the [loveMachine], I found myself looking for other things to do on Facebook. That’s when I stumbled on the (hidden) “dislike” function.

Since it’s a long awaited feature, I must warn you that it’s not as easy as the “like”. It requires at least 3 clicks, works only on comments and the outcome of it is not public. But no third party, browser plugin or application required, here’s how it works:

  1. Find a comment that you dislike under one of your posts.
  2. Click on the light grey [X] next to
  3. The comment is then replaced by this text “This comment has been removed” and two links.
    Click on “Give (the commenter) feedback”.give-feedback
  4. Facebook will then pop-up a message window pre-filled with: “Hey, I didn’t like this comment”.
    Click send.didnt-like.

As you can see, it’s quite a hassle. But it’s there. So from now on, don’t say anymore that Facebook doesn’t have the “dislike” function.

Unless what you are really missing is that your friends don’t see the things that you dislike. Something teenagers might be demanding after all. Mark? Anybody listening?