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  • Highlights of the Blender Conference 2016

    Here are three video recordings of presentations done at the latest Blender Conference that I think are worth watching. I’ve never had the chance to attend the Blender Conference, but they have always provided live streaming and published recordings afterwards. The diversity and quality of the presentations invite me every time to go through it. […]

  • How to get the latest Blender running on a Pi

    How to get the most up-to-date applications running on a Raspberry Pi and other ARM based single boards computers? Update 25 Oct 2016: I have written a small step by step tutorial to get you through the install process on a Raspberry Pi 2 and up. It’s available here. Update 16 Feb 2016: Blender 2.76b […]

  • Rendering WordWars on radiators

    TL;DR: Testing the private beta Python API from Qarnot About a month ago, while keeping an eye on the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL) in Beauvais and watching the news about WordWars spread on some blogs and magazine, I stumbled on a video presentation about open source software tools for animators and Blender 3D rendering using […]

  • Making of “Word Wars- News from the Empire”

    Sharing here my thought and tool process that brought me to create the project called “Word Wars – News from the Empire“. I’ve been playing around for a while with Blender scripting and even organized monthly workshops about it to share the experience with other artists in a group called “Blender-Brussels“. And since the beginning […]

  • Blender shortcuts right in your search engine

    Two months ago, I attended a community meetup in NY called Quack & Hack. The point of it was to gather people around coding to improve the DuckDuckGo search engine. If you don’t know DuckDuckGo (DDG) by now, it’s the “search engine that does not track you”. And it’s been my tool of choice when […]

  • Écrire un manuel de 200 pages en 5 jours

    C’est l’expérience que j’ai vécue en début de mois d’août, avec 13 autres personnes, enfermées dans les nouveaux locaux de F/LAT, à Bruxelles. On appelle ça un booksprint (ou un “libérathon”) dans le jargon. Pour résumer, il s’agissait d’écrire un manuel complet, en français, sur l’utilisation d’un logiciel libre, dans ce cas-ci, Blender. Et je […]

  • Blender-Brussels “lookback” workshop

    Last saturday, we had our monthly Blender BPY/BGE workshop where we explore creative coding through the use of Python in the context of Blender. This time, the workshop was called “Blender lookback“, mocking the famous “Facebook lookback”. The goal was to explore the Blender video sequencer to automate the creation of video clips based on […]

  • Blender-Brussels november report

    We’ve passed more than a year since the first free *cough* monthly *cough* Blender workshop organized by François Zajega and I. And since I put myself into taking notes during the the last one, here’s a quick report of what was discussed and achieved. Morning time is for coffee and “show and tell”. Since François […]

  • #Loop 5 @ Recyclart

    Demain soir (jeudi 6 juin 2013), une série de présentations ultracourtes sur des projets expérimentaux élaborés dans l’atelier ‘Variable‘ à Schaerbeek. Venez découvrir des créations de qualité, leurs artistes ou concepteurs et leur technologie. J’y présenterai le uHbench et les ateliers Blender bpy/bge organisés (plus ou moins une fois par mois) avec François. C’est à […]

  • Blender bpy/bge Brussels Workshop 2013-03-29: zoom

    Last friday was our monthly Blender workshop and the day before, my attention was attracted by this post on Reddit. Rorts was mentioning this intriguing video “Zooms From Nowhere” by Chris Timms and was wondering how to do something like that in Blender. I thought this might be a good challenge for the Blender bpy/bge […]