Internet Black Market : One Thousand €uros Poster


This Sunday 28th September 2014, iMAL organizes the second Yami-Ichi (which translates to Internet black market) that will happen outside Japan. The concept of an Internet Black Market has been started by the collective and proposes to go back to the crazy and anarchic roots of the early Internet experiments in the form of an AFK* flea market.

Many artists and designers are participating and will be proposing lots of different things (some collectors, some useful, some just for fun,…) all day, Sunday, in the beautiful Atelier des Tanneurs, Brussels. The complete list of available shops is here.


As one of the participants, I’m proposing you to come and claim your piece of this unique project called One thousand €uros poster. The poster is divided in 1000 blank squares that are sold each for 1€. It’ll be your only chance to make your mark on this unique project and be part of history. Each square has the size of the 1 euro coin. Of course you can buy as many squares as you want. Once it’s yours, you decide what should appear on it: your name, your website, your business card, a drawing, a photo, a haiku,…

This project is a re-interpretation of a 2005 Internet phenomenon known as the One Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew. Since there could only be one project like this (although many attempted to clone it), there will be only one One Thousand €uros Poster. The goal is to travel around with this poster in different venues until all 1000 squares are claimed. So be the first to buy a piece of it and then be seen everywhere it will go.

See you there.

* AFK = Away From Keyboard.