Star Wars blended

All 6 Star Wars

All 6 Star Wars films, blended together on top of each other, is a brilliant readymade mashup of this iconic universe by Georges Lucas. To me, it sounds like the perfect thing to display at the next VJ fest, as is. It also produces beautiful stills that any glitch/collage artist should be jealous of. But now that it’s done, you can move on. Just keep this in mind for your next costume party based on movie themes.

The full movie (enjoy until the take down notice).

Some stills taken from this extended gallery.

PTEgWlw - Imgur

Fqjkrty - Imgur

FR5T9po - Imgur

RRDscsv - Imgur

Via @johnmaeda

Constant V (Venster/Vitrine)

Ami Bruxellois, ne loupe pas l’occasion ce vendredi jeudi (18/06/2015) d’aller voir la vitrine de Constant. Tu y seras bien reçu et tu pourras même y boire un verre. De plus, c’est juste à côté du Verschueren, si jamais ta soif était trop grande.

Constant V - uHbench

Je t’invite à y aller, pour découvrir Constant et pour y pêcher un petit manuel afin de construire toi-même un banc public à partir d’une palette. Tu pourras même t’essayer à la fabrication puisque du matériel sera prévu sur place.

L’atelier sera chapeauté par la main experte de Barbara Janssens.

Constant V (Venster/Vitrine) est une série d’exposition dans la vitrine de Constant. Les objets, les dessins, les vidéos, les installations et les expériences exposés sont sous licence libres ou ils ont été créés en utilisant des logiciels libres.

Constant V (Venster/Vitrine) is een reek tentoonstellingen in de vitrine van Constant, De kunstwerken variëren van Open Source objecten tot video, design, en artistieke experimenten met vrije software.

Constant V : uHbench
Expo: 18 – 28 juni/ juin 2015
Perfo + drink: 18 juni /juin 2015

#uHbench map

A map of known places where urban hacker benches have been built.

uHbench map
A workshop and exhibition of the uHbench project has been scheduled in Constant VZW at the end of this week. For that, they’ve asked me to produce 2 posters that will be displayed along the benches built for the occasion.

One of the poster was obviously going to be the instruction sheet. But for the second one, I hesitated for a while, and finally set up for a representation of how far this project has reached since it’s creation in 2012.

Because thanks to the open source nature of this project and the support it received − not only from friends but also from members of diverse communities  all over Europe −, this project has traveled further than what I would ever imagined. So this map is, of course, a little self-flattering, but I do hope it creates a sense of community beyond borders for those who participated and maybe will encourage some to add their mark to the map.

The vector map is here:

For the technically minded, the map was done using the wonderful D3js library. Which I was discovering for the first time but enjoyed a lot (amazed by its possibilities). The code for this project is shared on Github.

− Have you built a uHbench? Want to have your instance on the map?
Add an issue with the name(s) of the builder(s), location and date or clone the repo and update the data.tsv or send me a mail with those informations.

Blender shortcuts right in your search engine

Blender Cheat Sheet

Two months ago, I attended a community meetup in NY called Quack & Hack. The point of it was to gather people around coding to improve the DuckDuckGo search engine.

If you don’t know DuckDuckGo (DDG) by now, it’s the “search engine that does not track you”. And it’s been my tool of choice when I want to search something on the web. It has nice features like the !bang mechanism and the instant answers which I find really handy. But most importantly, I feel good not being followed by an all seeing eye like You-Know-Who.

Another great thing about DDG, is that they have a program called DuckDuckHack where they invite coders to submit improvements to the search engine. These, if approved, end up for example as being new instant answers. I, personally like the weather one, the password generator or the Gimp cheat sheet. But they have many many more. It’s impossible to know them all.

So, as a user and fan of Blender, I thought it would be nice to have the crazy number of shortcuts for that open source 3D software directly available in my search engine of choice. It would not only be helpful to me, but maybe also to the larger Blender community. And in the end, it might also have some of those Blenderheads care a bit more about not being tracked when they avidly search for the latest hot features of Blender.

In the end, the process of getting those shortcuts live on DuckDuckGo took longer than I expected. But it’s now live since yesterday. So try it out and search for “Blender cheat sheet” and tell me what you think.

You can take a peek at all the effort it took by looking at the conversation I had with the DuckDuckGo team on Github. What mainly happened is that I first submitted a “Blender Cheat Sheet” using the classic way for submitting instant answers and during that period, they were working on a different one, which would be easier just for submitting “cheat sheets”. So I had to port that to the new system, and adapt the code until their new stuff was stable and ready to ship.

But I’m glad to have gone through all this. It was an interesting experience to work with the DuckDuckGo team, a nice and friendly crowd. It also feels rewarding to know that my little contribution might hit thousands of users. And I’ll be glad to have that feature in my toolbox when I’ll be giving the next Blender workshop here in NY, at the end of June.

Blender Cheat Sheet all

I finished Facebook #orSoIThought

Facebook High Score Animation

On May 27th, I’ve finished The stupidest game on Facebook. I was silently running this little self-amusing game since the 15th of May and then, later on, opened the process publicly. In the end, it took me less than 15 days to fill up to 99 the most famous 3 icons that you find on the top right corner of Facebook… on a desktop browser.

99+ 99 99 So that’s what it looks like. No cheating. No Css rewriting. No photoshopping. And as a proof, I was screen grabbing the page every 2 hours from the mobile version of Facebook. (Actually, I did not set that up for this project specifically. It is a part of my LoveMachine project, which has been running for more than a year now: I take a screenshot of Facebook every time the bot runs, mostly for debugging.)

So today, I looked for the first time at all these screenshots and especially the ones corresponding to this period and to my surprise, I’ve found out that the stupid game does not work at all on the mobile version of Facebook. If the highest score on desktop is clearly 99, I have no idea what the limits are on mobile. (On the top of this page, you can see the gif created from all the screenshots.)

This is of course very disappointing. It makes the game a little useless, or at least, not multi-platform, as games should be these days.

Anyway, I guess that closes the challenge. I have other plans for the monster than trying to reach 999 or whatever the limit is on mobile. If any of you is up for the mobile challenge, please drop me a line. I’d be interested to see your results.

As a happy note, and to close this chapter, I found out that when the score of unread private messages reaches 99+ in the desktop browser, it resets the counter by itself. Which, to me, is obviously a bug. So, as a joke, I posted a status about it and tagged the Facebook Design team in it.

Facebook design response

They replied.

The stupidest game on Facebook

and you don’t need to install any app for it.

Facebook Highscore - almost there

While contemplating the most watched icons on Facebook, it became obvious to me that this was an actual Facebook score. I’ve always believed Facebook is a game. And therefore, it should not be taken seriously. Any other use of Facebook would be foolish.

So these icons, well placed on the top right corner of the window, just like in video games, are supposed to give you information, but they mainly only invite you to click. For those not on Facebook, the left one is for “pending friend requests”, the middle one is for “unread private messages” and the one on the right is for “unread notifications”. That last one behaves more as a garbage collector because there is a lot of different kind of notifications. It can be comments, likes, game notifications, tagging, etc.

The trick with these icons is once you click on them, it resets the counter. It doesn’t mean you have read the notifications or that you replied to all your messages or that you responded to all the friend requests. No. It resets because you clicked on them.

Another thing to note is that the counter for each of these icons stops at 99 or 99+. There’s an end to it. Beyond 99 friend requests, private messages or notifications, is not worth counting. Why? Why not 999, 9999…? I sometimes have my mailbox or my RSS reader saying 157 unread messages. But no, not on Facebook.

Anyway, this led me to start a game. A stupid one I admit. The game of “not clicking” (looking at you reddit). I promised myself not to click on those icons until they reach their maximum. And I dare you to do the same.

So far, the easy part was getting friend requests and notifications up to the top. Now, I’m slowly waiting for the private messages to come in. A little more than 20 to go. I did screw up two weeks ago when reaching 42, I clicked on the chat window to respond to a friend. That also resets the counter… But thanks to friend support and announcing publicly what I was playing, things got back on track.

If you want to play along, just take a screenshot of those notifications icons and post a message with the hastag #FacebookHighscore

Let’s see if Facebook breaks when we all reach: 99+, 99+, 99+.

T’as vu où vont les touristes


Eric Fischer s’est amusé à reprendre toutes les données de géolocalisation des photos de touristes postées sur Flickr et à tracer les trajets de ces visiteurs “anonymes” sur une carte mondiale. Du coup, d’étranges diagrammes retracent ces lieux, comme si on avait mécaniquement marqué au stylo bille ces passages obligés.


The Geotaggers' World Atlas #1: New York
New York

La carte interactive est visible ci-dessous ou à cette adresse.

Source: La Boîte Verte

SLWX Doc − “Part of the Weekend Never Dies”


You know Soulwax, of course you do. Maybe you know them more under the name of 2ManyDjs. Well, they’ve released on Vimeo, free to view, the documentary they made about their tour.Filmed with just one camera, it depicts the lives of these 2 Belgian music geniuses on a world tour of 120 locations.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best music doc you can find about superstar DJing and it is composed in the spirit of what these creative guys have been doing over the past 15? years. So expect stroboscopic images and pounding beats, but the trip is worth it. Promise, you’ll never want to be in this business for as long as they’ve been into.