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  • Fronting social surveillance

    A new breed of open source web applications are popping up and gaining momentum among privacy concerned citizens. They’re called Invidious, Nitter, Bibliogram, Teddit or Scribe. Their main purpose is to propose alternative interfaces to “corporate social media”.

  • How to transition from Twitter to Mastodon

    In Mastodon lingo, here’s how to leave the birdsite for the fluffy animals federation, without hurting your social karma, while leaving the nazis behind. If you don’t know the Mastodon, there are articles that will explain you in details what it is about and why it’s better than Twitter or where it comes from and […]

  • Make sharing bookmarks delicious again

    One of the pioneers of the web 2.0 was the amazing del.icio.us website. It made sharing bookmarks an incredibly rich and fun experience. With its catchy domain name and well conceived minimalist interface, it attracted a horde of web enthusiasts ready to share their best links with the rest of the world. Although Flickr is […]

  • Le Soir édité

    L̶e̶ ̶S̶o̶i̶r̶ édité (@lesoir_diff) est un twitter bot qui tente de capturer les changements et corrections d’articles publiés en Une du site du journal Le Soir. On le sait, l’information de nos jours court plus vite que le temps qu’on a pour la lire. Les rédactions se sont complètement informatisées et connectées de l’écriture à […]

  • Des bancs #uHbench dans la nature

    En voyant passer ce tweet de @ehooge, retweeté par @stephlulu et remarqué par @stephriondet, qui me cite dans sa réponse (oui, c’est comme ça que ça marche Twitter), ça m’a donné envie de faire un peu de recherche sur ces instances de mon projet de banc open source qui circulent dans la nature. Car c’est […]

  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 from social media

    In Leipzig for a couple of days, attending the Libre Graphics Meeting. It’s a yearly gathering of coders, users, developpers and designers of free software, all revolving around graphic design and other visually related free culture projects. For those attending or not, I’ve created a page that collects all (or most of) the tweets, pics, […]

  • @ipad on Twitter is a nightmare…

    … when your name is Ivor Padilla and you’ve chosen @ipad as a twitter account. :)   I think Apple should buy it from him. Steve?