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  • Fronting social surveillance

    A new breed of open source web applications are popping up and gaining momentum among privacy concerned citizens. They’re called Invidious, Nitter, Bibliogram, Teddit or Scribe. Their main purpose is to propose alternative interfaces to “corporate social media”.

  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 from social media

    In Leipzig for a couple of days, attending the Libre Graphics Meeting. It’s a yearly gathering of coders, users, developpers and designers of free software, all revolving around graphic design and other visually related free culture projects. For those attending or not, I’ve created a page that collects all (or most of) the tweets, pics,…

  • Critical engineers hands on #Google #Glass

    Update: This story has been republished on creativeapplications.net [View the story “Critical engineers’ hands on #Google #Glass” on Storify]

  • Byebye @Delicious, bonjour Shaarli.

    Depuis 6 ans que j’utilise Delicious (depuis le 22/02/2006, exactement), j’y ai rassemblé +/- 2000 liens, vu passé 3 propriétaires et dû me faire à 3 interfaces graphiques. Je crois que de tous les services sur le net, c’est celui que j’utilise depuis le plus longtemps et dont bien évidemment je n’arrive pas à me…