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  • Rendering WordWars on radiators

    TL;DR: Testing the private beta Python API from Qarnot About a month ago, while keeping an eye on the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL) in Beauvais and watching the news about WordWars spread on some blogs and magazine, I stumbled on a video presentation about open source software tools for animators and Blender 3D rendering using […]

  • Blender bpy/bge Brussels Workshop 2013-03-29: zoom

    Last friday was our monthly Blender workshop and the day before, my attention was attracted by this post on Reddit. Rorts was mentioning this intriguing video “Zooms From Nowhere” by Chris Timms and was wondering how to do something like that in Blender. I thought this might be a good challenge for the Blender bpy/bge […]

  • Blender bpy/bge Brussels workshop #4

    So, Fran├žois and I are organizing monthly Blender workshops at Constant Variable where we play around with python code and the Blender Game Engine (BGE). The point of these meetings is to get together and exchange ideas and experience around the use of code and 3D realtime rendering with open source software. Last meeting was […]

  • Blender Brussels Workshop – 21/12/2012

    So we had our second Blender Brussels workshop today. The first one happened about a month ago. This time, we spent the day at Constant Variable and talked about the basics of python and its use within Blender. We worked on scripts to generate random meshes and then manipulate them in the game engine. Here’s […]

  • Blender python friendly workshop

    Frankie Zafe asked me to give him an introduction to Blender and Python. So we met at my appartment this friday and he had the great idea to bring two of his friends to this improvised workshop. We went through the basics of python and Blender in the morning, then hacked on some scripts in […]