Sorry Thom Yorke #bookmarklet

Update 2013-03-02 : Due to heavy changes in Thom’s website, the bookmarklet doesn’t work anymore.


Or should I say “Thank you”?

Thom Yorke has released a new ablum AMOK with a new band “Atoms For Peace”. You can listen to whole album online on his website:

Since I like to look at how things are made (and sometimes break them), I found out that it’s quite easy to find where they are playing the music from and it’s even quite easy to download the original mp3 files. I don’t know if it’s intentional. They tried to hide the location of them but they didn’t do such a good job at it.

Anyway, for my own pleasure and maybe yours, I’ve hacked a quick and dirty bookmarklet to help you download the songs. All you have to do is drag and drop the link “Sorry Thom Yorke” below into your bookmark toolbar and click on it when you are on the AtomsForPeace website. (You’ll see a white box open in the top left corner of the screen with direct links to the mp3 files. Just wait for the whole site to load before using it. I’ve only tested it under Firefox, but should work everywhere.).

Sorry Thom Yorke

That’s it. Mp3 192kps stereo coming your way.
Of course, if you like the music, please buy their album or a buy a ticket for their next concert.

Just for those who might wondering. I didn’t hack their website. I’ve only read information available for anyone with a bit of web dev logic and rearranged it a bit. I also have not made copies of the songs anywhere else. Everything is on their server and only there.