Crowdsourcing New Year’s Eve Fireworks


Believe it or not, but in Copenhagen (and everywhere in Denmark I presume), there is no official fireworks set up by the municipality to celebrate the new year. Although on this 31st of December, it is one of the most incredible one I have ever seen so far. Simply because every citizen is allowed to shoot its own. And the Danes obviously love it.

As soon as the sun goes down, you can start hearing some firecrackers here and there, but the craziness happens of course at midnight. I had the chance to be on a rooftop to view the sky filled with colorful explosions at 360° around. The roar and burnt powder smell doesn’t stop for an hour at least. It then slowly fades but you can still hear regular bangs until 5 or 6 in the morning. It’s really an incredible scene that never ends. It beats everything I have seen so far in size and duration. So here’s a little video trying to capture that moment. (Sorry for the shakyness, I had no glove and it was freezing. Next time I bring a tripod.)

This is so inspiring also. The power of the crowd, once everyone is permitted to add his/her own contribution, can push things to a level unmatched by any institution or organization alone. If this could inspire other cities, other countries. (Looking at you Brussels with your No Fireworks regulation).

Of course, I had the perfect point of view (so if you plan to spend new year’eve in Copenhagen, be sure to have access to a rooftop). And I’m thankful to the friends that invited us.

So I wish you all that 2015 will be the year where you start crowdfunding nice projects or set up your own, or just join your closest fablab/makerspace and start doing with others.