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  • Git versioning and diff visualizing tools for designers

    Here is the video of my presentation at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2016, in London. For the most part, I expose my quest for a Git based visualizing tool that could help designers integrate a version control workflow. The slides are viewable from here. You can also download them from this Gitlab repo. If you…

  • “Pointillism”, live coding at #PdCon16~

    IOhannes M Zmölnig is an active member of the Pure Data development scene. So it’s of little surprise that he was attending the Pure Data Conference that just happened last week in NYC. Pure Data (Pd) is a visual programming language […] for creating interactive computer music and multimedia works. − Wikipedia You also might…

  • Make sharing bookmarks delicious again

    One of the pioneers of the web 2.0 was the amazing website. It made sharing bookmarks an incredibly rich and fun experience. With its catchy domain name and well conceived minimalist interface, it attracted a horde of web enthusiasts ready to share their best links with the rest of the world. Although Flickr is…

  • Les leçons de cinéma de Tony Zhou

    Puisqu’on est bien dans une civilisation de l’image et que ça n’a pas l’air de vouloir s’arranger, il est peut-être important de savoir “lire” une image et, peut-être encore plus, de savoir “lire” une image qui bouge. Que ce soit pour les amateurs de cinéma, de vidéo youtube ou d’anime, pour ceux qui veulent en…

  • How to get the latest Blender running on a Pi

    How to get the most up-to-date applications running on a Raspberry Pi and other ARM based single boards computers? Update 25 Oct 2016: I have written a small step by step tutorial to get you through the install process on a Raspberry Pi 2 and up. It’s available here. Update 16 Feb 2016: Blender 2.76b…

  • Pen Beats

    Just love the scratching sounds…

  • Leftovers covers

    The Leftovers, a somewhat depressive and weird TV series, does an extensive use of covers for their soundtrack. This one by Lo-Fang has turned the upbeat classic from Grease into a slow tempo that fits well the show. Enjoy.

  • (J) Marcy -> Essex

    Love this ride.

  • Windows Media mashup

  • This Book is a Camera

    “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” pour les photographes amateurs de livres, ou l’inverse. Sténopé pop-up.   Source: This Book is a Camera (really) : Kelli Anderson

  • Mechanical Techno by Graham Dunning

    ~@n8willis Source: Mechanical Techno: Ghost in the Machine Music | Graham Dunning

  • Cutting carrara marble like butter

    Catchy name for an amazing tool: Carrararobotics cuts your prefered marble in any form you like. /via Maria And while you’re here and if you’re into marble porn videos, don’t miss “Il Capo” (El Jeffe | Le Chef | The Chief).