#CLIfe : Command-Line Interface for everything

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Command-Line Interface for everything

What? Command-Line? Yes. Exactly. That thing with the computer where you see characters flying by just like when Neo found out about the Matrix. It seems cryptic and magic, doesn’t it? People doing this can only do illegal things for sure. Not.

The console, where all those commands happened to be typed, has been around since computers have monitors. And they still exist in modern computing. They come really handy for a lot of things and especially when the graphical interface is going bad or not even there at all.

#CLIfe is a workshop organized by Michael Murtaugh and I to teach you the basis of command-line manipulation, show you how useful (lifesaving?) this can be and have some fun with it. For the more advanced users, the workshop is oriented to CLI experimentations and knowledge sharing. Isn’t CLI a lifestyle afterall?

When? Where?

Saturday, 19 October 2013
Begin(14:00) -> End(18:00)
80, rue Gallait

BYOD = Bring Your Own Device.
All Operating Systems welcome.

(Yes, that means you too, Billies and Appelsientjes).

Need some motivations to come?

You want to resize 1000 jpegs and watermark them in one go.
You want to stop worrying every time your software publisher changes (the order of) the icons.
You think "sudo" is a martial art.
You want to post to Facebook/Twitter/Identica/Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogger without a browser.
You want to know your network settings without making 5 clicks.
You think that plumbing is a computer skill.
Christian Clavier is your DJ name.
You're ready to take the red pill.
You are a poet.

Don’t bring your mouse.

Paranoid Android #CoverTuesday

Update : Thanks to a comment by Sébastien, I’ve found out that this pianist seems to have taken inspiration from Brad Mehldau. Cover of cover of cover…

While searching for song covers for this weekly #CoverTuesday, I often end up watching total strangers covering famous songs in different ways. Most of the time, it’s not quite good. Sometimes, I even feel pity for them. But this one, although not perfect, had something special in his interpretation. Something touching, I believe. So here is Frankie Simon covering Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.


Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 : Day 4

#LGM13 : Day 4

Last day of the Libre Graphics Meeting at Medialab Prado

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open source design. Braybrooke
Last day, for me, started with the Inkscape related talks. There were talks before that, but woke up late.

Tavmjong Bah talked about the coming features in 0.49. And he told me, in one to one conversation, that it could be released in 3 months.

After that, Xavi Manzanaresdid presented an “Imago sonification” performance where he uses inkscape as a tool to create live sounds. The drawing are interpreted by a Pure Data patch and turned into sound. Really interesting experiment regarding live music together with “veejaying”.

#Inkscape Live drawing picked up by to generate sound. Performance by @Txa yfrog.com/oboacdrj ᔥ@lacolaborativaJulien Deswaef
Last talk of LGM was an inspiring one by Manufactura Indepedente. Ana Isabel Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente talked about font design, encouraging “release early, release often” practices and DIY type foundries. They should open their new type foundry today called “Oxshark fontworks” with brand new libre fonts. And I’m glad to know, we’ll work together for the next two weeks at Interactivos?13.
Discusión de clausura de . Hablamos sobre el futuro del propio encuentro. pic.twitter.com/nH3WEeP1Thmedialabprado
The LGM seems to always end up by a group discussion about the next one. This was also the chance to warmly applause Femke Snelting and Monica Cachafeiro, both of them ran this event with a professional, caring and open hand. Everything ran smoothly thanks to them and their supporting theam.
Closing discussion . Se me cae la lagrimita y toooMonica cachafeiro
Cierre de libre graphics meeting Pagola
In the afternoon, it seems everyone was going for a nap or chilling in the sun. Still you could hear discussions around free culture and future projects, but the whole scene was quieter and lots of people were saying goodbye.

The remaining pack was invited by Basurama for an improvised trash potluck after party. It was again, an interesting experience having to cross over half of Madrid to find their place. But it was worth it.

Happening NOW instagram.com/p/YD-dQpwgRh/Alexei Vanyashin
#lgm13 Vanyashin
Well, that’s it. A first and an incredible LGM for me. This free culture crowd is my tribe. And this is our pow-wow.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2013: Day 3

#LGM13 day 3

Fonts, fonts, fonts, open hardware and education.

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The day started with the Oswald font creator, Vernon Adams, talking about libre fonts and the opportunities it creates for font designers, quoting Johanna Blakley’s “virtues of copying in fashion design”.
Cultura libre y la copia como incentivos en el diseño de moda o fuentes. Vernon Adams en pic.twitter.com/NJhQns2gISMaría G. Perulero
Booksprint was the subject of the next two talks. One for creating a Fontforge user manual in 3 days. The other one to create a libre fonts specimen book in 5 days by Manuel Schmalstieg.
Es el turno de Manuel Schmalstieg con ‘ Designing a Libre font Specimen Book’. pic.twitter.com/6OxQShmXruMaría G. Perulero
Alexei Vanyashin, font designer and teacher, is here to talk about Cyreal type foundry. One of his work was to design the (in-) famous Lobster Cyrillic glyphs.
Alexei Vanyashin presenta ahora ‘It takes a team to make a font’ pic.twitter.com/69tYECGiI9María G. Perulero
Raphael Bastide then talked about his Unified Type Design project that would possibly improve libre font discovering, documentation, sharing and spreading.
How and where to find a font? Unified typeface design proposal by github.com/raphaelbastide Sipos
Even after Werner Lemberg talk about ttfautohint, font hinting retains a lot of its mystery to me. But I would surely use his software if I ever design a font, because it surely does the job, especially for people who don’t understand hinting like me.
Y ahora Werner Lemberg. ‘The development of Tifautohint, a truetype auto-hinter’. pic.twitter.com/P6XJckPuOwMaría G. Perulero
Warranty void if removed! Apertus, open hardware 4k camera project plans to be the tool for directors with ethics.
Will Open Hardware projects raise awareness of slave labor used in creating technology? Freedom does not grow on the backs of others Schumacher
Nina Paley rocks the stage with “The land is mine” and asks tough questions on how to do vector animation with free software. Especially because her next movie will be illegal.
This Land is Minepiratefish1
"Copying is an Act of Love". Nina Paley on stage presenting her new film. pic.twitter.com/BlraVbH7gsNikos Roussos
Melinda coins the best term to describe OSP:
The "caravan" of Open Source Publishing is on stage.Graphic design agency in Brussels exclusively uses . osp.constantvzw.orgMelinda Sipos
After a quick bocadillo, I’ve attended with more than 30 people a 2 hour gathering organized by Aymeric Mansoux called “Towards a network of free culture aware educators in art and design education“. Lots of ideas and experiences about F/LOSS in education have been shared. Like Aymeric said, this meeting was just a “hand shake” and more things should come out of this.
After quickly presenting the uHbench, open source hardware public bench, I was pleased with the the comments received about it.
UhBench public bench by @xuv. Neighbors wanted the same -> workshop -> they built their own. Sipos
some interesting legal issues with open sourcing this ‘open hw’ public bench design! xuv.be/uH-bench-open-… áirín
Daniil Vasiliev followed with a presentation of Hotglue and it’s successor, Superglue and its little home (owned) static data server.
Successor of Hotglue is Superglue: deviding data storage and editing interface -> distributed publishing Sipos
Getting closer to the end of the day, it gets harder to concentrate. Too many of them in one day kills my attention. I still saw “This is not a pipe” and “Laidout”, which showed interesting concepts in a state of work-in-progress. I then just came back in the Auditorio to see François’s presentation at the end.

Not much tweets or picture to share the end of this long friday. I guess everyone was tired. The performance that closed Medialab Prado was called “Piksels and lines orchestra“. They run modified versions of graphic software that produce music when you manipulate them. It seemed to me this is close to live coding, although, it uses the graphic designers palette instead of the programmer’s palette.

After that, everyone rushed to a disco bar nearby called “Mama was a groupie” (if I translate it right), where the Gimp community was pouring free beer to everyone. I think it’s the first time I get offered a beer by an open source software. Interesting concept. Well, this kicked the “future party” up. People danced until the end of the night.

This is also the reason why this post is published with a bit of delay. And I’m already late for the conferences of the last day.