#uHbench map

A map of known places where urban hacker benches have been built.

uHbench map
A workshop and exhibition of the uHbench project has been scheduled in Constant VZW at the end of this week. For that, they’ve asked me to produce 2 posters that will be displayed along the benches built for the occasion.

One of the poster was obviously going to be the instruction sheet. But for the second one, I hesitated for a while, and finally set up for a representation of how far this project has reached since it’s creation in 2012.

Because thanks to the open source nature of this project and the support it received − not only from friends but also from members of diverse communities  all over Europe −, this project has traveled further than what I would ever imagined. So this map is, of course, a little self-flattering, but I do hope it creates a sense of community beyond borders for those who participated and maybe will encourage some to add their mark to the map.

The vector map is here: http://xuv.github.io/uhbench-map/map.html

For the technically minded, the map was done using the wonderful D3js library. Which I was discovering for the first time but enjoyed a lot (amazed by its possibilities). The code for this project is shared on Github.

− Have you built a uHbench? Want to have your instance on the map?
Add an issue with the name(s) of the builder(s), location and date or clone the repo and update the data.tsv or send me a mail with those informations.