Tag: openframeworks

  • RaspiVj (alpha release)

    Yesterday, I’ve pushed online the code for what I call the RaspiVJ, a minimal VJ application for the Raspberry Pi. The idea was to build a portable and lightweight VJ set up that could be versatile enough to adapt to multiple situtations and configurations. So the Raspberry Pi, as a small and cheap computer, seemed…

  • Corrupt.desktop – Scratch #Apple’s image

    Insert doubt into a fanboy’s heart. Corrupt.desktop is a funny project by Benjamin Gaulon (@recyclism) and you can be part of the ongoing performance, if you’d like. Though, I suggest to be careful with this and where you do it (Some have seen their home raided by the secret service for doing something similar). This…

  • “Puppet Parade” /via @chrisoshea

    /by Design I/O.