“Beatbox” by Diego Paonessa

La Capella | Diego Paonessa. Beat Box (vos english) from Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.

I’ve met Diego at Interactivos?13 and was lucky to see him present his project “Beatbox”. I let you discover it through the video and his website presenting the project. I like the fact that it sounded like flamenco.


The very walls of the space act as a soundboard, hit by a series of small electromagnetic hammers that surround both the inside and outside of the cube, forming a loop. The rhythms or loops, put together especially for the project, are activated and mixed at random thanks to a sensor located inside the cube, which acts in response to the presence and activity of users on the inside, operating exclusively for them and according to them.

diego paonessa.

#Interactivos?’13: Final presentations at @MedialabPrado


Here’s the video from the last day presentations of the Interactivos?’13 workshop at Medialab Prado, Madrid. 10 projects have been developped during these 2 weeks. I’m planning on blogging more extensively about some of them. But for now, if you want to have a quick idea of what came out of this intensive workshop, sit back and watch this 2 hour video. It’s mainly in english, with some spanish speakers here and there. I must warn you that everyone worked hard to the last minute, so we were all in a high degree of fatigue and bugs and quirks showed up sometimes. (For those who want to skip, I present “Design with Git” at 58:00)


Program the @MedialabPrado facade

Since I’ve been working at Medialab Prado for two weeks, I wanted to share with you one of the many interesting elements of this place dedicated to art and technology: the programmable facade.

If you know a bit of Processing, you could even participate and propose your own script through their online interface (not working at the moment not accessible from internal medialab network).

#programalaplaza – Medialab-Prado Madrid.