Tag: DIY

  • Brussels swings in the cracks

    BXL swings in the cracks, which for now has only a Facebook page (damnit!) describes itself as: Collective who up-cycles waste (scrap wood, discarded domestic furniture, …) into parasite interventions with the aim to vitalize public spaces. For obvious reasons and relations to my uHbench project, I immediately fell in love with this group and…

  • Une perspective féministe sur le cloud #VJ14

    Verbindingen/Jonctions 14 est un événement organisé par Constant, qui propose cette année une perspective féministe des services fournis par les serveurs : mesh- cloud- autonomes- DIY. V/J14 offre un regard critique sur nos attentes en tant qu’utilisateurs de technologie, de l’envie d’être toujours connectés en accès illimité, en permanence. L’infrastructure technologique nécessaire pour satisfaire ces…

  • “59 steps” #DIY solar powered hot-air balloon

    Tomàs Saraceno is an artist and architect working on experimental structures. He has created a hot-air balloon powered by sun light and made only with garbage bags, transparent tape, rope, bicycle wheels and other easily found materials. The process of creating such a flying device is broken down in 59 steps that anybody can understand…

  • Analog #DIY #Drawing Machine

    Un dévidoir, une pince à linge, un élastique, un rond de cire et un marqueur. ᔥMAKE.

  • Origami Hang Glider on a Wave of Air

    via youtube.com Nice school project. Have to try this sometime.