So I quit Facebook… (cc @postaday))

… well not really.

I’ve announced yesterday that I’ll stop interacting with my fb_friends in the usual manner. From now on, I’ll only use bots on Zuckerberg’s platform. And see how far it goes.

This has brought quite a lot of comments and speculation, which I didn’t expect (I don’t get that much comments usually). Especially questions about how would the bot react.

Well, there is right now one bot acting on my behalf. And it’s the one from Posterous (posting this item to you btw). But it doesn’t interact much with fb_friends. It’s just functions as a smart forward machine. Which is very handy. :)

For the other one I’m planning, it’ll be a bit different. But all I can say for now is that bots are beautiful. :) Check for yourself.

Yes, you can say that this FB thing is a NY resolution. Here’s another one:

PS: Don’t worry twitter, I’m still interacting with you. ;)





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