Shiv’s VR Exhibition @ Piksel Fest

I’m pleased to share that some assemblages from Shiv Integer have been included in the Copy / Paste exhibition at the Piksel Festival in Norway.

Copy Paste Poster
Poster of the exhibition

The exhibition, curated by Antonio Roberts (@hellocatfood), is visible online in the Piksel Cyber Salon from 22nd May – 21st June 2020.

The exhibition space, put together by Antonio and the Piksel team, takes place in a virtual room called Hubs by Mozilla. It allows visitors to navigate a virtual 3D space using only their browser or, for a better experience, using a virtual reality (VR) headset like an Oculus Quest or HTC Vive, for example.

Shiv Integer is a generative art project by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Julien Deswaef which takes the form of an art bot, rummaging through 3D printing parts freely available under Creative Commons, to create randomly assembled sculptures, then re-published on the same sharing platform, Thingiverse.

Here are some VR photos and videos of the sculptures in context (Screengrabs taken with an Oculus Quest. With another device, things may appear differently).

The list of artists included in the exhibition:

Carol Breen -
Peter Sunde -
Eric Schrijver -
Constant -
Lorna Mills -
Duncan Poulton -
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - + Julien Deswaef
LoVid -