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  • #tinyCode

    I’ve just submitted a short (255 characters) piece of code to be displayed on the media facade of the Medialab Prado in Madrid. The code is available on p5js online editor: https://editor.p5js.org/XUV/sketches/OzIwTs5SP and you will be able to see it running from there by pressing the pink play button. If you’d like to participate, the […]

  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 : Day 4

    [View the story “#LGM13 : Day 4” on Storify] #LGM13 : Day 4 Last day of the Libre Graphics Meeting at Medialab Prado Storified by Juego· Sat, Apr 13 2013 16:59:28 open source design. #madrid #architecture #lgm13Kat Braybrooke Last day, for me, started with the Inkscape related talks. There were talks before that, but woke […]