Tag: Cover Tuesday

  • Bowie does Brel #CoverTuesday

    Not new, but always good to listen to this classic. video link.

  • Everybody’s Changing #CoverTuesday

    Lilly pumped up that original (depressing) version by Keane. source.

  • Vida em Marte?

    Life on Mars? by Seu Jorge on Grooveshark Life on Mars? by Seu Jorge. Original version by David Bowie. ᔥMaria

  • Brigitte et Mercedes #CoverTuesday

    Hot summer, slow tempo, cover Suprême.

  • Brassens #summerstyle #CoverTuesday

    “La Juana” by Grupo Canalon de Timbiqui puts some sun into “La Jeanne” by Georges Brassens. Happy summer to all of you.

  • Praise you like I should

    Changing the rules of these cover tuesdays, with this original version by Camille Yarbrough, which was ripped and sampled by the well-known Fatboy Slim. Perfect tempo and song for the coming hot month of this summer.

  • Karma Police

    …summer style. Not brand new (2006), but in these times of (inter)National Surveillance Agencies making the news, a little down tempo Karma Police would maybe cool things down. For those who already know my email, here’s some usefull info: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) mQGiBEhWiScRBACL+BiOZyjHDtX3XpZCKOkhpu6vdv50AG7Ynamll+c/TaSVxIHH 4m0krFYZ7gw5n2oyV19h3YFciwa1gG1a3MyOx4lbOItnkJQYVqNKWwhx1MUrqkdX GENC0fabWKF9n4+NpgAudhZDHU2gTiHUyfWyUd5cZWPsBYCtHooeFuvTjwCg+7nK d5pz17wSMqjo5VdGPl0r2TMD/RLPx4GjpmArDdA5P47tBhPJbNXqOr+WW+/YB2Ou cJ68/63xHfAOK0ELYeu3YxAmjK0A/krzBwacbhmbX39F9saJ4/yLc6jg9SR9PvJ3 438UOf+WSGv9lOkucI66K2hYgoGYzgpELjvQiQALuc76+p4YoZN6MfIjTIFcqbuk PPk5A/0V14J2te1zoP+JXvVApijq979UMnlJdlzhGGoWloR+auDffCJtwDcR86Iz […]

  • Lovefool #CoverTuesday

    Lovefool (The Cardigans Cover) by Rainbow Chan And it’s free to download if you wish. ᔥBoing Boing.

  • Electricity musicbox

    By Hannah Peel, Electricity cover of OMD brings you back to childhood (1979).

  • PIMP #CoverTuesday

    This is the cover that wants to sound like it’s the original. I don’t know where 50 cent got his sample from, but this wordless cover of P.I.M.P. woud be perfect with a mojito on this sunny *cough* afternoon.