23/01 Manifestement, j’hésite.

Vous avez peut-être entendu parler de la manif du http://230111.be

Bref, j’ai parcouru le document pdf présenté sur leur site et voici un extrait qui m’a interloqué:

“(…) Nous désirons garder cette neutralité à tout prix. Qu’est-ce que cela implique?

1) L’utilisation du drapeau belge, comme symbole de rassemblement, malgré le fait qu’il soit un bon symbole, envoie le mauvais signal. (…)”

Puis j’ai lu ce long article de Marcel Sel justement à propos de cette manif:

Alors, Marcel propose plutôt d’aller au KVS le 21. Et j’y penserai.

Mais le 23, j’ai pas envie de rester chez moi. C’est pour cela qu’il y a une autre manif le même jour. Je vous copie leur mail de présentation ci-dessous:

“Tous unis contre la démocratie”

— Qu¹avez-vous de mieux à proposer que la démocratie ?
— Rien… Rien que la critique de la démocratie.
— Cela ne vous semble pas le moins mauvais système politique ?
— A l¹heure où le concept s¹est galvaudé à l¹extrême, est servi à
toutes les sauces, cautionne les politiques les plus opposées et
s¹exporte à coups de guerres meurtrières, il importe de rappeler, mieux:
de chercher en quoi c¹est un très mauvais système politique, fût-il le
moins mauvais.
— Mais vous servez la soupe aux ennemis jurés de la démocratie !
— Manifesteront le 23 janvier ceux qui n¹ont pas peur de rivaliser de
lucidité avec ceux qui ont peur de la démocratie.

Le Collectif MANIFESTEMENT vous invite à participer à la manifestation :
³Tous unis contre la démocratie!²
à Bruxelles, le dimanche 23 janvier 2011 à 15h :
Départ : rue de la Démocratie.
Arrivée : rue de la Résistance.

Le concept de la manifestation et sa déclinaison vertigineuse sont là :

Alors quoi, le 23? On fait la grosse, sans drapeau ni couronne? Ou on fait la petite, parce qu’on a encore de l’humour quand on parle sérieusement et que de toute façon c’était eux les premiers et puis, c’est sûr, il y aura beaucoup moins de flics et même qu’on peut aussi
arrêter d’être neutre. Sans blague.

It’s not really a bot, but it’s a start

So I’m planning to write a small bot that will interact with my fb_friends and I’ve just started writing it but can’t wait to share it with you. It’s also a test for me, as I’m planning on documenting this experiment at about every step (if I manage to keep interest in it).

Right now, it doesn’t do much:

  1. It logs in my account on Facebook
  2. Finds the 1st “like” button available and clicks it
  3. Posts a “Hello World” as a status
  4. Logs out 

Nothing fancy, but this takes roughly 3 seconds. :)

If you wish to try it out for yourself, here is the file

View this on Posterous

All you’ll need to do is install the Selenium extension for firefox, load this file, place your Facebook login and password in the right field and hit “Play”. (You need to be logged out out of Facebook first in order to make it work but you can play the script from web page your on.)

Here’s a screenshot of sellenium loaded with it to help you out.


Hope you like it. :)

Oh yes, almost forgot. This is all open source software. So, do whatever, but it’s at your own risk ;)


Get a unique generative art book… (including a piece by me ;) )

As you may know (or not :) ), one of my pieces will be printed in the http://writtenimages.net/ project.

Because it will require so much ressources to get it printed, they decided to fund it through a kickstarter project.


This is then your chance to get your unique writtenimages book. (There is only 200 of them)

I know it’s really expensive. And if I wasn’t one of the participants (and thus get my own free copy), I could probably not afford it. But there is other ways of supporting the project. Like just by buying a postcard from your artist of choice ;). (That’s what I did for a friend)

If you need better words than mine to understand what it’s all about, here is what Golan Levin, also involved in this project, has to say about it:

When I first learned of Written Images, it was immediately clear to me that this is a landmark project, the first of its kind. Written Images is not just another book “about” generative or computational art — there are already many such surveys, such as Hartmut Bohnacker’s handsome “Generative Gestaltung”, or Casey Reas et al.’s “Form and Code”. Instead, each pressing of the Written Images book is itself a generated artifact, containing 168 prints which are each totally unique artworks. Such a book would never have been possible until now. I think the Written Images project fulfills the promise of generative art better than any other static object I’m aware of. This may explain why such incredible artists were attracted to contribute to the volume. I’m honored to be among them.

As one of the contributors, I had also hoped that the cost would be lower. But I got involved as an informal advisor to the project, and Martin shared the financial spreadsheets with me. He and Peter are speaking the truth when they say that it’s going to cost $200/print — this is not some attempt to be “exclusive” or make a profit. Producing the book in the way they’re doing it is operating *at the limits of today’s printing systems* — not so much because of the physical machinery, but because of the economies of scale which Written Images can’t access. If Martin & Peter were just printing 200 copies of the *same* book, it would be much less expensive. Instead, their situation is equivalent to printing one copy of an 80,000 page book…

So I quit Facebook… (cc @postaday))

… well not really.

I’ve announced yesterday that I’ll stop interacting with my fb_friends in the usual manner. From now on, I’ll only use bots on Zuckerberg’s platform. And see how far it goes.

This has brought quite a lot of comments and speculation, which I didn’t expect (I don’t get that much comments usually). Especially questions about how would the bot react.

Well, there is right now one bot acting on my behalf. And it’s the one from Posterous (posting this item to you btw). But it doesn’t interact much with fb_friends. It’s just functions as a smart forward machine. Which is very handy. :)

For the other one I’m planning, it’ll be a bit different. But all I can say for now is that bots are beautiful. :) Check for yourself.

Yes, you can say that this FB thing is a NY resolution. Here’s another one: https://dailypost.wordpress.com

PS: Don’t worry twitter, I’m still interacting with you. ;)